Worth a Try: Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes
Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes, Galena, Illinois

Since 1993, folks have been visiting Fried Green Tomatoes to enjoy its namesake dish. Despite the simplicity of the restaurant’s name, their fried green tomato dish is anything but ordinary. Their tomatoes have a traditional Southern-style breading, but after being fried, they are layered with cheese and marinara sauce and baked, a nod to the Italian cuisine the restaurant serves. Stop by to try this creative spin on a classic. 

Magnolia Grille, Palm Harbor, Florida, 600 Alternate 19 North

To know the secret behind Magnolia Grille’s fried green tomatoes, simply walk across the street. Owner Joey Kappas shows his love for local farmers by getting the staple of his signature dish from the produce stand across from the restaurant. The chef coats the tomatoes in egg wash and cracker meal to ensure that this favorite has a great crunchy exterior with a juicy interior. For those wanting fare beyond the tomato, Joey promises that Magnolia’s hush puppies, barbecue, and homemade desserts will not disappoint.

Goose Creek Diner, Louisville, Kentucky

In sampling fried green tomatoes, you learn that everyone makes them just a little bit differently. Goose Creek Diner is no exception. Chef Chris Mike created a new twist on a staple by coating his tomato in a seasoned flour to give the dish an added punch of flavor. A panko bread crumb coating is added, resulting in an extra-crunchy texture. While many guests come in for the tomatoes, they tend to stay for the family-friendly atmosphere and a staff that treats everyone like old friends.