Worth a Try: Biscuits and Gravy

Worth A Try: Biscuits and Gravy
Serious Pie & Biscuit

Rusty’s Southern, San Francisco, California 

For a taste of the South on the West Coast, Rusty’s Southern hits the spot. When owner Rusty Olson moved to California and started exploring all the different cuisines the area had to offer, he eventually realized that it was missing one thing: the classic, comforting Southern food like he grew up eating. Their mile-high buttermilk biscuits are served split and smothered in a peppery white sausage gravy, and there’s an option for adding a fried egg, chicken thigh, or fried chicken steak. Their most popular brunch offering is the Chicken Biscuit, starring a split biscuit with melted Cheddar, a boneless fried chicken thigh, sausage gravy, and spring greens. This, along with their other tempting dishes, helps reinforce the friendly atmosphere of Southern hospitality. 

Honeypie, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Locally sourced and Wisconsin-made: that is the motto of Honeypie restaurant and bakeshop. When siblings Adam and Valeri Lucks founded Honeypie in 2009, they knew they wanted to create a menu honoring Wisconsin’s best, and their biscuit and gravy dish is no exception. Each biscuit is made by hand with eggs and dairy from a Wisconsin farmer, and a local sausage company provides them with the savory sausage for their gravy. Honeypie prides itself on making breakfast from scratch, or as they call it “the old way,” and invites everyone near and far into their comforting home-away-from-home atmosphere. 2643 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. honeypiecafe.com

Worth A Try: Biscuits and Gravy

Serious Pie & Biscuit, Seattle, Washington

Some of Seattle’s finest biscuits and gravy have arrived at Serious Pie & Biscuit. When chef and owner Tom Douglas decided to move his second Serious Pie location to the bustling South Lake Union neighborhood, he seized the opportunity to give locals a yummy biscuit stop as well. Each day customers can opt for one of their buttery, golden brown biscuits topped with everything from a light and fluffy vegetarian gravy to fried chicken and seasonal jams. Grab your biscuit to go, or sit and stay awhile. 

Skillet, Columbus, Ohio

Biscuits and gravy are served hot off the griddle at this unique brunch destination. Skillet has a commitment to working with the very best ingredients, allowing the freshest flavors of each season to be the driving force of their menu. Enjoy their tasty gravy heaped on some of the most heavenly bird’s head biscuits you’ll ever eat. And with their “Gravy of the Day” special, you’ll never stop trying yummy variations of this classic breakfast dish. But the goodness doesn’t stop simply at their biscuits. This restaurant relishes in its rustic yet urban environment and proudly showcases the local flavors of Columbus through its diverse and delicious menu.