Wine and Dine in Texas Hill Country

baskets of fresh summer peaches

 The state of Texas is wildly expansive, boasting an identity all its own yet containing nearly every type of region and landscape you can imagine. It is home to booming cities, rivers and ranches, and quaint, all-American towns. One of the richest treasures of the Lone Star State is the Texas Hill Country, where rolling hills, wildflowers, vineyards, and farms set the stage for a beautiful taste of Texas. 

Wine & Dine in The Texas Hill Country
Photo courtesy of Grape Creek Vineyards

Welcome to Fredericksburg

The small town of Fredericksburg, Texas, perfectly captures all that the beautiful Texas Hill Country has to offer. It is fraught with history, dotted with peach orchards, lined with vineyards, and filled with so much charm that you’ll want to visit again and again. 

Fredericksburg was founded by German settlers in 1846, and its German heritage is still alive and well within the town’s architecture, museums, foods, and festivals. A relaxing ride on the Fredericksburg Trolley is a great introduction to the city, and the Historic Fredericksburg Tour takes guests through downtown Fredericksburg to learn about the early German immigrants, buildings and architecture, and stories from the settlement. 

Much of the lodging in Fredericksburg pays homage to the small cottages and cabins built by the first settlers, and at Hoffman Haus, guests feel fully immersed in the Hill Country’s history. The accommodations are made up of cottages, cabins, and houses—some of which date back as early as the 1840s—and make for an enchanting respite. A complimentary seasonal, locally sourced gourmet breakfast is brought to each guest’s door in a picnic basket every morning for a flavorful welcome to the town.