Valentine’s Day Craft

Valentine's Craft

Our Valentine’s Day craft is a great way to make memories and a cherished keepsake. There is nothing more precious than capturing little handprints from my grandsons to make a timeless gift for their mommas and daddies.

Throughout the years raising my two boys, I loved to gather them in the kitchen and share my love for cooking. Whether we were making marshmallow treats or fixing some delicious fried chicken, I knew we were building something special in the hours we spent together. This sweet bond has carried us through many seasons in our lives, and I am forever grateful for them.


Now that I am in a new season of being a grandmamma, I am extremely conscious of wanting to build this same bond with my grandsons. (And hopefully a granddaughter one day!) We cook together, but we also craft together. I have a new love for painting and doing craft projects that help me relax in the spare time I can grab during my busy production schedule. I have been playing around with a lot of different projects and am always looking for fun things to do with the boys that are quick and easy.

Valentine’s Day Craft: Step by Step

Valentine's Day Craft Step 1
Gather supplies from your local craft store. You will need watercolor paper, red and hot-pink craft paint, a fun mix of red and white washi tape, a fine-point black permanent marker, and some inexpensive white or black photo frames. I chose 8×10-inch frames.
Valentine's Day Craft Step 2
Cut your paper down to size, and allow two sheets for each child, one to practice on and one to frame. Lay a few pieces of colored washi tape across the paper to give a collage feel to the artwork. Paint each child’s hands, alternating between the red and pink. Press hands on the paper, gently trying to get the thumbs and index fingers to connect. This forms a heart shape.
Valentine's Day Craft Step 3
Once the handprints have dried, place more colored washi tape strips across the paper, and trace in the heart shape with a fine-point black permanent marker. Add a few decorative details around the hands, and complete the piece with the child’s name and the date of the project. Frame and give to their parents on Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion.