Thanksgiving Turkey Hats

thanksgiving turkey hats

Top off your Thanksgiving celebration with these fun turkey hats that are great for crafting with children.

The secret to this little project is to have everything ready the day before, so decorating the turkey hats is the only step left for the kids. Have the first two steps of cutting the felt and covering the party hats with it completed.

Gather supplies from your local craft store. You will need a package of paper party hats; brown, orange, and red sheets of felt; wiggle eyes; a package of colorful craft feathers; a hot-glue gun for adults to use; and craft glue for children to use.

supplies to make thanksgiving paper turkey hats

Remove the staples from one of the hats, and flatten the hat to use as a template for cutting the brown felt base. Cover the hats with the felt using dots of hot glue around the bottom edges and up one side. Cut the beaks and wattles out of the orange and red felt. Attach the face parts and the feathers with either hot glue or craft glue.

thanksgiving turkey hats