Smart Kitchen Renovation


Designed for an established chef, this smart kitchen renovation was completed with innovative products, creative touches, and organization. When it came time to create this hardworking kitchen, there were options galore that fit a multitude of unique lifestyle needs.


This smart kitchen renovation melds functionality with fun and has become the social center of this home. Typical of houses built in the late ’80s, the original space included a much smaller kitchen, breakfast room, and a laundry room. Several walls and doors were removed to reconfigure the three rooms into one big, open space.

The layout now comfortably accommodates a professional chef mom and her three active teenagers who love to join in the fun of cooking and preparing meals. A savvy floor plan also allows the family to simultaneously cook and entertain friends. And because the new cabinetry and countertops tripled the work surface, there’s plenty of room for schoolwork and other special projects, too.


In addition to feeding three busy teenagers, this mom sustains the household by developing and testing recipes, which may include preparing up to 24 dishes or meals a day. The renovated space’s innovative mix of modern appliances and products has transformed her life. We asked which features stand out as her favorites. This is what she told us:


First and foremost, I am thrilled with the overall layout of the cabinetry and appliances, which separates our two primary work zones: All the cooking happens on one side, while the other side, where the new refrigerator, ice maker, and wine cooler are located, is set up for entertaining and refreshments. The large oversize bar area provides a space for the kids to spread out and do homework and other crafts projects that they used to have to do on the floor.

kitchen details

The style of the glazed cabinetry and nickel hardware adds a cozy and comfortable feel juxtaposed to the commercial look of the new appliances. The neutral-colored glass subway tile adds great texture to the walls, and best of all, you can simply wipe it clean with glass cleaner. I can now wash and rinse all of my larger pots in the extra-deep and wide sink basin with a pull-down faucet.

kitchen stove and dishwasher

The double ovens allow me to cook several dishes at once. The top oven has special steam and bread-proofing features, which my kids use all the time. They love making homemade bread. The dishwasher is much larger and is so quiet you don’t even know it is running.

glassware and lighting fixtures

The two glass-front cabinet doors over the bar let me show off my best stemware (and traditional doors on the other cabinets let me conceal everything else). The room is much brighter now with more layers of lighting, including recessed cans, three pendant lights, and a chandelier. They are all on separate switches, so I can set the mood as needed when entertaining.

knife drawer and extra fridge

My knife and cutting-board drawer near the sink is my favorite organization feature. All of the drawers work well on easy glides. Probably the smartest thing we did was put a second refrigerator in the game room for storing bottled water, bulk drinks, and other foods we purchase in large quantities.