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Bundt Bundle

Favorite Bundt Bundle

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Includes: The Bundt Collection, Bundt Thermometer, and Bundt Cake Keeper.

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The Bundt Collection
This compendium of Bundt cakes features more than 100 recipes, tips, and techniques to help bake the perfect cake. The shape that launched a thousand cakes, the Bundt pan offers the flawless mold for decadent, dense cakes destined for thick glazes and syrup soaks. Whether you’re looking for an exciting update, like our Peanut Butter and Jelly Swirl Bundt Cake, or a steadfast standard, like the classic Chocolate Kugelhopf, we have a ring-shaped delight for you.

Bundt Thermometer
For perfectly baked cakes every time! Simply insert thermometer into center of cake for 5 seconds. Cake is perfectly baked when the thermometer tip turns red. Comes with a protective silicone tip cover for storage.

Bundt Cake Keeper
Nordic Ware’s Translucent Bundt Cake Keeper is a beautiful and sturdy was to transport your Bundt masterpiece. It features a clear locking lid and durable light blue base. The cake stand’s 12.75” diameter can also accommodate round cakes, mini cakelets, brownies, cupcakes, hors d’oeuvres and more!