A Tour of Paula’s Garden

Paula Deen's garden
A curving path lined with flowers and shrubs winds around the side of the house and throughout the citrus garden leading to the wharf and dock.

The back portion of the property overlooks the Wilmington River. At the edge of the lawn, a hedge of muhly grass was installed to provide a natural barrier from the muddy banks that come as a result of the daily 12- to 16-foot change in tide. Along the left and right sides of the property, bamboo native to this Southern region serves as a natural privacy separation from the neighbors.

Paula Deen's dock and boathouse

The Chick Inn

Paula has a chicken coop that was initially designed by the architect who built her home.

Paula Deen's chicken coop

The coop is close to her home’s back entrance near the kitchen and has hens that lay eggs daily that she uses for baking and cooking. Her grandkids love the coop; the first thing they do when they get to Ginny’s house is run to the coop to check for eggs.

eggs from Paula Deen's chicken coop

Photography by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

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