A Tour of Paula’s Garden

Paula Deen's garden
Paula named her property Riverbend after the name of her grandparents’ lodge. Once the gardens were completed, she realized they captured the same essence of those where she played as a child and felt the name was most appropriate.

A man-made pond was added to welcome guests as they drive onto the property and around to her home. The serene body of water is edged with yellow iris, hyacinth, and lotus and accompanied by the peaceful bubbling sound of a recirculating fountain.

Paula Deen's garden
Branches laden with Spanish moss lean out over a pond filled with catfish and koi. Drought–tolerant begonias and coleus circle the base of many of the trees.

Concrete furniture, made to look like tree branches using a faux bois technique (natural concrete poured over steel and sculpted by hand), sits by the pond as a vantage point to watch the koi swimming.

Paula Deen's garden

As you meander throughout the property, you’ll discover a variety of themed areas. There is a citrus garden with fruitful kumquat, Meyer lemon, and lime trees; a hydrangea garden with more than 100 colorful bushes; and a cutting garden where a mix of annuals and perennials are planted each season for snipping blooms and sprigs for floral arrangements inside the house.