Halloween Ghosts

crafting halloween ghosts

Halloween is such an exciting holiday to celebrate with my grandsons, and these clever Halloween ghosts help us get ready for it.

Over the years, we’ve spent time baking and decorating sugar cookies in different Halloween-themed shapes, and we’ve always carved pumpkins as well. I love this project for making Halloween ghosts out of cheesecloth because it’s something I can easily prepare and do with them on a weekend afternoon.

I’ve found that the prep work makes all the difference in making this an enjoyable activity for everyone, so make sure to have everything ready before the children arrive. Once you start dipping the cloth, things get a bit sticky and messy, but that sure is part of the fun.

Gather supplies from your local craft and grocery stores. You’ll need parchment paper, cheesecloth, Styrofoam balls, coffee mugs, a hot-glue gun, a disposable baking pan, liquid starch, fishing line, and a sheet of black felt.
Cover your work surface with parchment paper. Hot-glue the Styrofoam balls to the bottom of the mugs. I used 2½-inch balls, but you can use larger balls on other containers for bigger ghosts.
Cut the cheesecloth into pieces that are long enough to cover the balls and mugs, leaving extra to puddle. Our pieces were about 18 inches long and 12 inches wide. Pour the starch into the disposable baking pan. Dip the cheesecloth pieces into the starch, and squeeze out the excess. Open them, and layer them across the mug and ball in a crisscross pattern. Repeat several times until your ghost takes shape. Let it dry thoroughly.
Lift the ghost off the mug, and place a piece of fishing line through the top of the ghost. Tie a knot in the end underneath the head to prevent the line from slipping through. Cut small shapes out of felt, and attach them with a bit of hot glue to make the faces. The more ghosts you make, the more fun you’ll have decorating with them around the house.