Fireworks T-shirts

finished fireworks t-shirts

Three cheers for the red, white, and blue. Entertain your little ones with this all-American idea.

child drawing on shirt

I try to find some fun crafts to do with my grandsons on the Fourth of July. There is always some time to fill while waiting for the sun to set after a wonderful meal and before the fireworks show begins. How about this cute project? You can make your own fireworks T-shirts by simply using Sharpie pens and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle that pushes the color around. It looks like tie-dye, but it’s a whole lot easier. I think I enjoyed doing this even more than the boys did, and you will, too. The more you practice, the better they get.


Step 1 tshirt craft
Gather your supplies. I found inexpensive white T-shirts, reusable cardboard T-shirt forms, and a mix of red and blue Sharpie pens at my local craft store. I had a shirt for each child ready to go with the form inside so the pens would not bleed through to the back. I also filled spray bottles with rubbing alcohol before we began the project.
Step 2 tshirt craft
Demonstrate and practice designs on poster board to help little ones get started. Then let them practice as well before they begin drawing on their T-shirts.
Step 3 tshirt craft
Start drawing designs with your Sharpie pens. Basic starburst shapes work well for making firework designs, but the options are endless for the children’s creative minds, so encourage them to have fun with it.
Step 4 tshirt craft
Spray the lines with alcohol, and watch the color run. Continue to spray as needed until you have a design that you like. Let the shirts dry, and then wash them in cold water on a normal cycle before wearing.