Festive Christmas Cakes

Ooey Gooey Butter Layer Cake-Recipe

One tradition that stands true in the South is that the holidays are a time to indulge your loved ones with sweets! When you’re throwing a party—big or small, simple or extravagant—festive Christmas cakes are always the perfect sweet ending.

Paula most often serves a traditional, elegant layer cake when she entertains; when it’s perched on a pedestal on her sideboard, a cake makes a beautiful display and gives her guests something special to look forward to. Here, you’ll find an assortment of decadent cakes that have remained unchanged throughout time alongside recipes featuring new twists on our favorites. Whether you’re planning a fancy soirée or a cozy supper, invite family and friends over and keep this happy custom thriving with these ever-popular recipes. 

This Red Velvet Mississippi Mud Cake might seem like your typical red velvet cake from the outside, but inside is everything you love most about Mississippi Mud. Toasted pecans add crunch, while marshmallow crème brings that down-South sweetness. 

Mississippi Mud Cake