Easter Candy Jars

Easter candy jars made from toy animal and spray-painted empty jelly jar

Don’t throw away your empty glass jars—upcycle them into cute candy jars for Easter or any other holiday!

Paula’s grandsons love to make these cute jars with her, and they do them by the dozen. You’ll never look at a pickle or jam jar the same way again once you’ve repurposed it into a candy jar. And, if you are in a season of feeding little babies, well, those jars are a great size, too.

Start with a clean, dry jar. Any small jar will do (we used jelly and relish jars).
Spray-paint the lids of the jars with a few coats of paint. Let dry in between coats. Next, super-glue a small animal figurine to the center of the lid, and let dry.
Spray-paint the attached figurine, and let dry. Fill jar with your favorite springtime candies.