Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders

Ginny with the Grandkids

As spring settles in, head to the garden for this fun outdoor project. We loved this easy cookie cutter bird feeders craft, and so do the birds.

Birdfeeder hanging

I’ve always loved feeding the birds in my gardens. I’ve collected bird feeders just about all my life, and I thought it would be fun to make natural bird feeders with my grandsons. I found several cute ideas, but this one, using just birdseed and gelatin, was perfect for an easy afternoon project with the help of my littlest guys.

Ginny helping kids

Follow the directions below, but here are a few tips. After I put the mixture together, I lay wax paper across the table for easier cleanup. I let the boys pick a cookie cutter and mash the seed mixture and place a straw into it, and then I checked behind them to make sure everything was in place. It’s a bit messy but so much fun. Then we left everything to firm up and dry overnight. Cookie cutters about 3 inches in width and diameter are the best size, and the simpler the shape, the better. Make sure the bird feeders are completely dry before you hang them. It’s best to do this craft on a dry, sunny day because if it’s humid outside, the cutters will take longer to dry.

 Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders: Step by Step

Step 1 birdfeeder craft
In a large bowl, stir together gelatin and boiling water until gelatin is completely dissolved. Stir in birdseed until it’s well coated. Let the mixture stand, and stir it every 2 or 3 minutes. When the mixture has cooled enough that liquid is no longer pooling in the bottom of the bowl, it’s ready to use.
Step 2 birdfeeder craft
Arrange cookie cutters on a large sheet of wax paper, and spray the inside of the cutters with cooking spray.
Step 3 birdfeeder craft
Pack birdseed into cutters in an even layer. Cut straws into thirds, and place a straw piece in the center of each cutter to create a hole.
Step 4 birdfeeder craft
Let the birdseed mixture dry for about 12 hours, turning them over every few hours so the sides can dry evenly. Do not remove the cookie cutters or straw pieces until the birdseed mixture is totally dry. Once dry, remove cookie cutters and straw pieces, and thread twine through the holes to hang outside.