Catching Some Fun

bug catchers

I have fond memories of bug catching with my boys, and I love doing it now with my grandsons. You’ll be catching some fun with these great crafts!

bug catchers

Spring is my favorite time of year, when everything comes back to life and my garden seems to be buzzing with activity. Not only are the flowers beginning to show their sweet faces, but the critters are crawling and the butterflies are flitting around from bloom to bloom. It’s amazing how simple things like digging for wiggle worms, upturning rocks looking for roly-polies, and catching fireflies can bring such joy, so I came up with these easy ideas for you to make and enjoy with your curious little ones.

bug catchers

Use Mason jars to keep bugs in. Cut a 4-inch square of colored netting to fit inside the ring of the lid to allow for air. The tops even come in fun colors now at your local craft store. I created a cute nametag for every child so they could each have a “home” for their bugs. Local dollar stores carry small magnifying glasses.

bug catchers

Butterfly Nets Step-by-Step

Materials (for each net): 8-inch embroidery hoop, 36x½-inch wooden dowel, 5/32-inch drill bit and electric drill, spray paint, ¼ yard of netting, needle and thread, 2-part epoxy glue, Remnant ribbon

Step 1 Remove the embroidery hoop screws, and set aside. You will not need the inner loops. Spray paint the outer hoops and the wooden dowels in a mix of spring colors. Let dry.

Step 2 Cut netting to approximately 20 inches wide and 28 inches tall. Fold 1 inch down from the top on the shorter end over the hoop, and stitch around by hand to create a pocket attaching the netting to the hoop. Gather the netting as you make your way around the hoop.

Step 3 Drill a small hole ½ inch down from an end of the dowel using a 5/32-inch bit. Attach the hoop to the dowel by pinching the metal strips together on either side of the dowel over the pre-drilled hole. Screw the hoop screw through the metal strips and dowel. For extra hold, apply a good amount of 2-part epoxy glue, found at your local craft or hardware store, where the clamp wraps the dowel, and let dry.

Step 4 Stitch up the vertical sides of the netting, and tie a knot at the end. Add strips of ribbon, if desired. Now the children are ready to enjoy their hunt for butterflies.