Paula Deen’s Best Casseroles 2017

Paula Deen’s Best Casseroles 2017

In this special issue Paula shares a collection of her favorite go-to casseroles for any occasion. These recipes are perfect for easy weeknight suppers or for preparing and sharing with someone you love. From breakfast bakes and veggie-filled sides to mac and cheese meals and chicken dinners, these dishes are sure to impress any crowd. Enjoy a sampling of this issue’s amazing recipes below, and order your copy today!

Breakfast Casseroles: Grits and Greens Bake

Grits and Greens Bake Best Casserole

Flavorful Veggies: Caramelized Onion Scalloped Potatoes

Caramelized Onion Scalloped Potatoes Best Casseroles

Mac and Cheese Favorites: Mushroom Spinach Mac and Cheese

Spinach Mac and Cheese Best Casserole

Chicken Dinners: Chicken Tetrazzini

Chicken Tetrazzini Best Casseroles

Company-Worthy Bakes: Cheesy Meat Lasagna



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